Strategic partner

A trusted partner at your side

Faced with uncertainty and little time in which to form an opinion, decision-making becomes difficult.

Talengis can help you take a step back, gaining perspective and helping you reach an optimal decision.

To achieve this, we offer long-term assistance to senior management and boards with:

  • Definition of strategy
  • Alignment of organization, governance and key people
  • Implementation of strategy

We help them prepare for the future, and guide them in resolving damaging situations and crises.

This ad hoc service offers:

  • A trusted coach with whom you can share your feelings, vision and questions
  • A sparring partner to act as a sounding board for your ideas, strategic options and operational initiatives, and to ensure that every aspect of the situation is carefully considered and managed – particularly the human factors
  • A catalyst and facilitator to draw out the best solutions, and structure them
  • An adviser to recommend changes – in terms of both organization and people – to support successful implementation of your strategy
  • An expert to support and assist the Appointments & Compensation Committee