Business succession facilitator

Human elements are of crucial importance when it comes to business succession

Studies demonstrate the critical roles played by management, employees and corporate culture in the success of a business succession.

A company’s transmission is a leap of faith for all concerned; it entails calling yourself into question, and changing your habits.

Many pitfalls can be avoided through a clear understanding of these elements, coupled with adequate preparation.

We help you manage both upstream and downstream business succession processes, to ensure a favorable outcome.

Internal succession

Securing a smooth handover

A comprehensive and methodical approach centered on the human aspects.

We are able to help in all the usual business succession circumstances:

  • Succession to a family member

    In the event of transmission to a family member, external support can help facilitate the handover from owner to successor.

    The successor can also receive coaching, to help them step up to their new responsibilities.

  • Succession to a management team

    In the case of a transmission to a management team, we select the team members and form a strong and sustainable operational team.

    We also put corporate governance in place, to enable the owner to serve on the board with full confidence.

  • Sales to employees (Management Buy-Out)

    We help both parties prepare the succession and take all necessary steps for its success.

Merger & acquisition

Accelerating Return on Investment

To achieve the objectives of strengthening the consolidated group’s activities and creating value, we can be of assistance at two stages:

  • Taking into account the human issues

    We help you assess the merits of the decision to buy, and prepare the purchase negotiations.

    We take into account human risk factors and future integration difficulties, and evaluate any impact on return on investment.

  • Accelerating integration and return

    Fast integration of a newly-acquired company to a group is necessary both to the emergence of synergies and to a positive impact on results.

    Integration difficulties are usually the result of cultural differences and/or clumsy management of this type of project.

    In the case of investments, the company acquired must be boosted in order to achieve the expected gains.

    Company alignment with the buyer’s culture and strategy often demands changes at employee level.

    We help you make this transformation quickly, effectively and with as little conflict as possible.