A competent leader capable of implementing your vision

For long-term support, we intervene at both the strategic and operational level as:

Independent director

To meet the need to combine human, organizational and technological elements in a winning strategy:

  • Promote good governance

    For a smooth and constructive working of the board, as well as a transparent and trust-based relationship between the company’s stakeholders

  • Contribute to the board’s thinking as a strategist and catalyst

    For an in-depth analysis of the evolution of the business environment, risks and opportunities

  • Facilitate consensus building among board members

    To achieve a strong consensus and optimal decisions that will be supported by both directors and management team

  • Structure the strategy to make it coherent and achievable

    For an ambitious strategic plan of sustainable development that takes into account the company’s capacities, in particular the alignment of people, organisation and technologies with the objectives set

  • Prepare for change and manage successions

    To ensure that the company develops the skills and internal culture necessary to succeed

Interim manager

To lead a transition project or temporarily replace a member of management.