Consultancy offers

Consolidating the present and preparing for the future

Our consultancy activities cover the core elements of the human resources management value chain.

They form part of a coherent set of elements, all of which contribute to the company’s performance, agility and results.

We help you implement the best solutions to get the results you want, and achieve the goals you set.

  • Planning to ensure you have the right organization and the right people to achieve your company goal

    The main obstacle to business development is the failure to match human resources (in terms of both know-how and emotional intelligence) to real needs.
    This is truer still when the company faces challenges that demand changes of habit.

    In these circumstances, the existing organization and skills are no longer a good match for the new needs, and the existing culture can hinder the necessary behavioral change.

    We help you come up with a fresh organizational structure, roles and governance.

    Examples of such situations:

    • Change of business model
    • Launch of new activities that have different characteristics
    • Establishment of a culture of service
    • International development and deployment
    • Development of cross-collaboration and synergy within a group
    • A search for new performance levers

  • Getting the best candidates interested

    To face new challenges – such as globalization, regulatory pressure, increased business pace or technological breakthroughs – companies must become both more professional and more demanding in terms of employee competence levels (knowledge, know-how and emotional intelligence).

    The war for talent is a consequence of the growing gap between demand and a reduced talent pool.

    Companies are under pressure to stand out, in order to attract the necessary talents.

    Employer branding is a marketing approach aimed at building the company’s appeal to potential candidates. It acts on both the fundamentals and the promotion of the brand.

    We help you implement a consistent and effective marketing approach that will attract talent.

    We adopt a pragmatic approach to this, to avoid raising unrealistic expectations that could result in frustrations (and future failures).

  • Retaining those who hold strategic positions

    Every voluntary employee departure means a loss of know-how and – in the case of strategic positions – a loss of value for the company.

    A departure ushers in a period of uncertainty and reduced operational effectiveness that will continue until the successor achieves mastery of the role.

    A replacement also brings additional expenditure and excessive workload, and this can have a negative impact on results.

    Our experience in Executive Search gives us a thorough understanding of the factors that lead people to leave their employers.

    We can help you implement the measures and programs necessary to reducing your employee turnover rate and retaining your key people.