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In Executive Search since 2001
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We have an excellent reputation in the field of targeted search for strategic and sensitive positions and manage multiple and multi-country recruitment projects.

Our recruitment scope can be local or worldwide – depending on your profile requirements.

Our experience and methodology allow us to recruit the right person or team to implement your company’s strategy.

Positions based abroad

With 90 offices in 50 countries, InterSearch is one of the top ten players in Executive Search, worldwide.

Talengis-InterSearch draws on the renowned national market expertise of InterSearch members, and takes full advantage of their highly-effective cross-border coordination.

Local search is entrusted to InterSearch partners based in the country concerned, who provide in-depth knowledge of their own local market as well as reliable information on compensation, industry trends, and the talent pool.

Your trusted Talengis consultant, who is familiar with your business, remains the key account manager, coordinating all cross-border projects.

The Talengis approach

  • To meet present and future business needs

    We facilitate consensus among members of the management team to ensure that:

    • the role is necessary to the success of the business
    • its place in the organization is clearly defined
    • the objectives and expectations of the role are known
    • the desired profile aligns fully with both objectives and strategies to be implemented

  • To ensure a relevant selection of candidates

    Multi-channel search, including a direct approach to candidates:

    • Targeting of companies and search within those companies
    • Search across social networks
    • Active networking among our contacts
    • Search in candidate databases
    • Targeted ads

  • To reduce risks to a minimum

    Une démarche rigoureuse:

    • Application and telephone screening
    • Structured interview
    • Personality assessment
    • Presentation and case study
    • References check

    Internal candidates are integrated into the selection process, and tactfully informed in the event that they are not selected.

  • So that new recruits become effective as quickly as possible

    The first few months of a new recruit’s experience will have a significant impact on their satisfaction and engagement.

    Our 5-step introduction process enables faster integration to both company and position, for rapid development of performance:

    • Anticipate (preparation prior to taking up the post)
    • Welcome (1st day)
    • Settle in (1st week)
    • Familiarize (1st month)
    • Integrate (1st year)

    This process can also be supplemented with targeted coaching to prepare the person to his new role.