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Everyone is aware of the importance of the people role in the success of companies and the principles to be followed to be successful.

Their implementation in the daily life of the company is a challenging exercise that requires constant effort.

Our accumulated experience allows us to guide and help our clients:

  • Recruiting the right people to key positions
  • Building a winning management team
  • Preparing and managing successfully business successions, as well as mergers and acquisitions

To hire the right person

Recruitment at the management level presents both a risk and an opportunity:

  • The risk of a bad choice with a prolonged vacancy and uncertainty resulting in a disengagement of employees and lower results.
  • The opportunity to better align the skills and personalities of the management team with the needs of the strategy.

We have a excellente reputation for our ability to meet our clients’ challenges and for our reliability in targeted search for strategic and sensitive positions.

Our experience and methodology allow us to recruit the right person or team to implement your company’s strategy.

For a management team that exceeds your ambitions

To succeed in its strategy and achieve its objectives, the company needs a high-performance management team.

As individuals, it means having the right people to meet the company’s challenges, and as a group, a management team that functions collectively in an effective and cohesive manner.

The company also benefits from a governance model that favours an open partnership between the Board of Directors and the management team.

Neutral outside advice facilitates an in-depth debate and consensus building.

We can help you punctually or follow your management team over time to achieve and maintain this optimum.

For a successful business succession, merger or acquisition

Studies demonstrate the critical roles played by management, employees and corporate culture in the success of a business succession, merger or acquisition.

  • Internal succession in the family

    In the case of a transfer to a family member, our intervention helps to facilitate the handover from owner to successor.

    We also coach the successor to help him step up to his new responsibilities.

  • Internal succession outside the family

    In the case of hand-over to a non-family management , we select the team members and form a strong and sustainable operational team.

    We also put corporate governance in place, to enable the owner to serve on the board with full confidence.

  • Management Buy-Out

    We help both parties prepare the succession and take all necessary steps for its success.

  • Mergers and acquisitions

    Merging companies must quickly adapt their organization to realize synergies and to have a positive impact on consolidated results.

    Difficulties in merging or integrating companies are generally the result of cultural differences exacerbated by the necessary changes.

    The acquired company must be integrated into the group and aligned with the buyer’s culture and strategy to achieve the expected return on investment.

    For mergers, the two company cultures must give way to one.

    Both cases require change in both structure and staff.

    We help you make this transformation quickly, effectively and with as little conflict as possible.