Talengis helps businesses build sustainable competitive edge

SMEs face the same challenges as large international groups.

While they can rely on their entrepreneurial ability and their agility, they do not have comparable resources and means.

In particular, the specialized skills needed to manage their increasing complexe business environment.

Making the right choices pragmatically and with a permanent objective of simplicity and effectiveness is vital.

We combine our managerial and entrepreneurial experience to help our clients define realistic strategic objectives and then develop a business plan that will mobilize people, organization and technology.

The success of a company depends on its employees, this is particularly true for SMEs that rely on a limited number of key people.

We assist our clients with our expertise in executive recruitment, succession and change management.

  • Management mission

    As independent director or interim manager

  • Strategic advice

    To help you define and implement a sustainable development strategy

  • Executive Search

    For a management team that meets your expectations